The videos below are of interview segments in which I helped PR representatives get access to the local station to discuss a charitable event, upcoming promotion, community awareness, and so forth. All interviews are conducted by anchor Lesley Marin, but booking of guests and content was written and edited by myself, Colton Salaz. 
Las Vegas anchor Lesley Marin interviews rapper and actor Ice Cube concerning his new charitable foundation in the below interview segment.

Anchor: Lesley Marin

Producer: Colton Salaz

Guests: Ice Cube

Public Relations Outreach: Colton Salaz

*Copyright to video is owned by Scripps Media KTNV

A rare behind the scenes glimpse into the life of a producer who is conducting a live interview. I highly suggest you watch the video below because it gives you further insight as to what a producer does day in and day out.

Episode: Ice Cube Interview with Leslie Marin

Producer: Colton Salaz

*Copyright to video is owned by Scripps Media KTNV

In the below interview segment, Las Vegas Anchor Leslie Marin discusses self-defense techniques with local personal trainer. By working with public relations manager in the field, I was able to get the renown Nomad Krav Maga to come on to GMLV and display some simple self-defense techniques for women. 

Anchor: Leslie Marin

Producer & PR Outreach: Colton Salaz

Guests: Personal Trainers from Nomad Krav Maga

*Copyright to video is owned by Scripps Media KTNV


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