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Conversations You Should Know About is a news and politics podcast, hosted and produced by Colton Salaz. However, instead of giving you a rundown of the headlines, this podcast gives you an in-depth look into a specific topic or current event that is dominating headlines. Conversations You Should Know About is a KXNT CBS News Radio, Entercom Station podcast.

Medical Cannabis & Your Rights with Attorney Dustin Massie

The United States is gradually becoming the land of the red, white, and… green. No… really! Since 2016 over 10 states have legalized the sale and recreational usage of marijuana, and 33 states have some sort of medical marijuana statue on the books. Despite many states going green by legalizing recreational usage of pot, there is still one component to this narrative that hasn’t garnered lot of coverage over the past couple years: medical marijuana in the workplace. Can an employer fire you if a

No One Wants To Be Called A Racist

Did you know majority of people have some sort of bias? Whether it is towards a certain sex, or race, almost all humans have some sort of implicit bias. These biases help shape how we interact in the work place, with our friends, and the decisions we make on a daily basis. In this episode of Conversations You Should Know About, I interviewed Sybil Dunlop, a member of the Federal Bar Association, about implicit bias in the work place, specifically in the legal profession. So come all the way in,

Crisis at the US/Mexico Border

The crisis at the U.S./Mexico Border continues after two migrant children have died in less than a month while in the custody of U.S. Border officials. The deaths have sparked national outrage and media coverage. To better understand the timeline of events that lead to the death of these children, Colton sits down with CBS News Political Reporter Camilo Montoya Galvez. Later in the episode ACLU Senior Policy Counsel Chris Rickerd joins the conversation to discuss the legal ramifications surround