Colton Salaz

I am an experienced, professional journalist who has won numerous national journalism and public speaking awards. I have spent almost a decade as a journalist, working as a producer & writer in San Diego and Las Vegas. I'm a member of the SPJ & NLGJA.

Published Content

Below you will find some of my written work that has been published by numerous publishing outlets, and which have been shared across all major social media platforms. These articles are just a sample of some of the work I have done in recent months. Please Click Here to view newscasts and packages I have written/produced.

Also, you will find links to my podcast, Conversations You Should Know About, which I host for CBS News Radio an Entercom Station. Each link is to the same podcast, but for different platforms (i.e. Apple Podcasts, Spotify, SoundCloud, Etc.)

5 Mistakes Businesses Make on Social Media

While the basics of social media — like how to post on a platform — are simple, in truth; successfully leveraging social media as a tool to help grow your business is far more complicated. Posting on platforms and engaging with your followers just barely scratches the surface. Let's look at some common mistakes businesses make on social media...

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